sally thomson, finalist of the may 2017 edition

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Sally Thomson is a freelance photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her passion lies in creating images that focus on environments and cultures that communicate a strong sense of place; one that is informed by it’s history, nature, and people. Her photographs are reflective of a long career as a landscape architect and environmental planner, and explore issues related to the human condition and natural world. The project, Stories from the Range, has been selected for the 2017 FENCE (New Mexico). Her work has been commissioned by private individuals, corporations and not-for-profits, and has appeared in a variety of print and web-based media in New Mexico. Her imagery has been shown in a solo exhibit at the University of New Mexico, and as part of group shows throughout the US.

Project Statement, Grace & GritThe Untold Stories of Women Ranchers in the American Southwest 

While women have always been a part of ranching in the Southwest, their stories and contributions have largely been overlooked. But, according to a study released in 2013 by USDA’s Economic Research Service, the number of women-operated farms/ranches more than doubled between 1982 and 2007. The study also reported that nearly half of our country’s women-operated farms and ranches specialize in livestock. In a world where most of us live and locate much of our inspiration from urban areas, who are these women that embrace an often financially risky, and physically demanding lifestyle? How do they live, and what implications might that have for women in general? Grace & Grit will present their stories in a series of color environmental portraits that go beyond typical stereotypes to present a way of life not often seen. Grace and Grit is a natural extension of a project that Sally began 5 years ago called Stories from the Range. The series of images presented along with this summary are related to that project.