eligibility &

Image above: © Isabela Pacini, Runner Up of the 2nd Edition

Worldwide. Established photographers, professional, amateurs and students. Age requirement: > 15 yo. By students we mean all type of students, of any career, not only arts, and including university and postgraduate students. A professional photographers is defined as anyone who earns more than 50 percent of her/his annual income from photography.

Planned or unfinished project as well as ongoing and finished to be promoted, are entitled to be submitted. For the purposes of this Grant a project is defined as a planned set of interrelated images to be executed (or already executed) over a fixed period. The type and theme is open: all projects are viable: editorial or photojournalism, documentary, fine art, wild life, nature, landscapes, street photography, portraits, environmental, alternative processes including the manufacturing of reality, etc. Images can be in color or B& and W or a mix of both, provided it is a coherent body of work.

A project submitted should consist of a set of 8 to 20 images, accompanied by an artist's CV and a project description and/or statement.

Up to three projects can be submitted provided they are different body of works. Second and third projects have significant lower application fees.


deadlines & Submission fees

FINAL deadline

September 4, 2018. 

Professional photographers: US$ 50 the first project (8 to 20 images)
Amateur photographers: US$ 40  the first project  
Students: U$S 30 per project (proof of student ID required) 

Each additional Project, in any of the 3 sections (Pro, Non-Pro, Students): US$ 15.

Please note that we have reduced the entry fees as compared with previous editions since the amount of applications have increased allowing us to reduce the fees.

important information:

If you're not ready to upload your project and/or related documentation (statement, description) you may apply during the Early Application period, which has a 15% discount on entry fees, and upload on a later date. All you have to do, if you have registered earlier but have not upload your project, is submit a prepaid upload form using this link: https://form.jotformeu.com/81873805173361

Announcement dates

The Grant Recipient, Runner Ups and Shortlisted will be juried by the curators' team of the Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography led by Julio Hirsch-Hardy, Biennial's Artistic Director.

Announcement and publishing of the shortlist, and the recipient of the grant:

End of October, 2018

Results will be announced by email to all submitters, in this site and to the media. All shortlisted projects as well as the project of the Grant Recipient will be published including all images and statements (one entire page for each shortlisted headed by the project of the Grant Recipient). 



recipient of the grant

US$ 3,000

The Grant is payable is six consecutive monthly stipends of  US$ 500 each, starting in November 2018, until April 2019. 

Starting in this edition, the awarded Projects will be exhibited in Barcelona in the first quarter of 2019 in a collective exhibition jointly with the Projects runner ups and Projects shortlisted. The Biennial Grant will take care of all exhibition expenses for the Recipient of the Grant, and will charge the cost of printing and framing to those runners ups and shortlisted deciding to be in the exhibition.

Recipient and Shortlisted photographers will be invited to be part of the Biennial's Grant Community of Recognized Photographers, exchanging ideas with us and the other members, about the evolution of this Biennial's Grant. This community, still unformed, will be called once the results of the third edition has been released.


submission guidelines &

Type of Project – Body of work. Open theme: editorial or photojournalism, documentary, fine art, wild life, nature, landscapes, street photography, portraits, environmental, alternative processes, and digital manipulation. 

Finished or totally completed projects can be submitted and in that case the grant can be used for promotion, exhibition, book, etc.

Stage of the Project – Drafted, Unfinished, Ongoing, or Complete.

Material to submit –

  • 8 (min) to 20 (max) images illustrating the body of work of the project. Images can be color or B&W or a mix of both. In case of a drafted project to be initiated, please send images as blueprints of the project.
  • 1 pdf containing a short biography and a 300 words (max) description and/or statement of the project. Please include also how are you planning to spend the grant.
  • Students should also send a scan of their student's ID. 

Image specifications –

  • Resolution 72 dpi
  • JPG (sRGB or AdobeRGB)
  • 1400 pixels in the longest side
  • Quality: High (Photoshop 8)
  • No watermark
  • Diptychs, Triptychs, etc are accepted

File name specifications –

The file name should contain the Entrant Name, the country of the entrant, the Project name, and a sequential number indicating the order images have to be seen, separated by underscores.

For example, for an entrant named John Smith from Ireland submitting a Project of 15 images titled Shepherds, the files names will be:

John Smith_Ireland_Shepherds_01.jpg
John Smith_Ireland_Shepherds_15.jpg

Please follow strictly this specifications. Wrongly submitted file names or image specifications may not upload in the registration form. Although we won't reject them, it will force us to contact you to correct your submission.

Copyright &

Copyright – All entrants warrant that they own the work submitted and they have exclusive copyright. By submitting to this grant entrants agree with these rules and conditions of entry.
The Biennial's Grant recognizes that the authors retain full ownership of the image copyright.

Usage – Entrants warrant that their photographs may be reproduced for the purpose of marketing and promoting the Biennial's Grant in catalogues, posters, postcards, publications, and on the Internet. Such use is granted for not more than two years after the announcement of the grant, and without payment to the photographer or featured models. Photographers will receive photo credits with each use, and will allow the Biennial¡s Grant to sub-license their photographs to the press for reproduction in connection with the Biennial's Grant.

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The Biennial's Grant will treat entrant’s data confidential, and their email addresses or other personal data will only be used to contact the entrants, and will not be transmitted to third parties without explicit consent.

The Biennial's Grant has the right to reject and remove any entry that contains defamatory, racist, obscene, or pornographic content, or that may be considered a criminal offense or violate any law.