This Miracle

Bahia State, Brasil. 2015 – .

This Miracle, is a personal exploration into the human landscape of Brasil’s Bahia State.

It offers a small view of a complex place where people struggle daily to survive and are

sustained by core family values, religious practices, and the unifying, ephemeral

spirituality of saudade - an ache for something long gone or yet to come. The glimpses of

joy I witnessed there contrasted sharply with the stark sense of abandonment I perceived

lurking just beneath the surface. This pervasive mood of sadness at having been forgotten

draws me into a paradoxical feeling of coming home, despite being a stranger. It is a

mirror in which I am reflected.

The work is a montage of related images that, together, unveil the common threads that

bind us as individuals - memories, connection, family, home, and longing.

I photograph what touches me. This Miracle represents my understanding of this

evocative and poignant place - of what is, as well as what seems, there.


I try to capture small truths in my photographs, with the aim of drawing a visual and

emotional map of people and place. Returning to specific locations again and again

gives me entrance to other worlds and allows me to immerse myself, to follow my own

connections with the subject, and to catch a glimpse of what goes on beneath the


I am drawn to familiar and seemingly ordinary "things" that are inextricably connected to

the people who live in these environments. This does not mean that I am disinclined

toward people - I feel quite the opposite. For me these things typically reveal the human

presence, which is what attracts me to them. I move in close - it is my way of touching it.