Image Above: © Teri Havens, Finalist May 2017 Edition


Since 2010 The Biennial for Fine Art & Documentary Photography has done an tremendous effort to organize world class exhibitions. Four editions so far -Madrid 2010, Buenos Aires 2012, Malaga 2014, and Berlin 2016- have exhibited 2,060 works of 840 photographers from 83 countries. Now the Biennial evolves to a higher level launching the Bienial’s Grant to be called each year. 


Our Mission

  • To launch grants for photographers of all countries, open to everyone; from established pros and amateurs to emerging photographers and students, from documentary photographers and photojournalists to fine art photographers.

  • To operate in a free curatorial environment knowing that it doesn’t matter how photographers make their work, but what they say without the constraints of preconceptions.

  • To promote contemporary, avant-garde, creative and experimental works, and photographers challenging personal, emotional or political statements.

  • To help grant's recipients to further their projects by funding shooting and operating expenses, and promoting them in the media and in exhibitions.

The Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography was launched in 2010 exhibiting images curated among the winners of the competitions organized by The Gala Awards, such as the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, The Pollux Awards, The Documentary Jacob Riis Award, and the Black & White Charles Dodgson Awards. The images exhibited in the different editions of the Biennial were selected by the late Mary Ellen Mark, Chris Steele Perkins, Steve McCurry, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Olivia Arthur, Vanessa Winship, Kim Weston, Per Valentin, Susan Zadeh, Philip Brookman, Brooks Jensen, Reid Callanan, Stephen Perloff, Andrea Star Reese, Amber Terranova, Julio Hirsch-Hardy, and Rossana Cecchi, among many other photographers, photo editors, curators, publishers and gallerists.


  • Photographers having the required boldness to grab a shot, no matter what others may be thinking or which the market trends may be.

  • Photographers that are aware that it is impossible to consistently create their best work every time they shoot and set a goal to steadily improve by continually expanding their body of work.

  • Photographers motivated by creative exploration or, in other words, photographers pursuing the creativity that truly feeds a creative soul.

  • Photographers capable of creating awesome images based on an awesome and original concept.

  • Photographers who constantly catalyze the passion for their projects, motivated to pushing past conventional boundaries.

  • Photographers with the necessary state of mind to be motivated and inspired to create a magnificent work, obsessed with the idea of creating their magnum opus.

  • Photographers that never stop working in projects just because they're holding their breath waiting for the stars to align.

If you feel you are one of the above described photographers, then our Grant is for you, and we encourage to submit your project. Take action.