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Born in Pisa, Italy, Giacomo Sini has always been living in Livorno, after obtaining a degree in social sciences at Pisa University. He travelled over fifty countries documenting social and political realities. Passionate about Middle East and Central Asia, he has photographed many times the reality of conflict and social contexts in these areas, focusing primarily on the struggles of the minorities and stories of migrations. His work have been published in L’Express, Vice Magazine, Neon Stern magazine, Caffè Ticino, Il Manifesto, El Pais, Die Zeit, Kansan Uutiset.

Project Statement, The Forgotten People Of Kurdistan

The territory of Kurdistan, today splits some parts of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria; the division decided after the First World War has caused a terrific break-up of many families that once lived in the same context. When in 2014 I heard about the Islamic State’s siege on Shingal city in Iraq and later in northern Syria on Kobane, I got really scared about Kurd’s fate in that areas. In October 2014, I went to Turkey starting to follow the situation on the border with Syria. In those days I began to live in tents with some Yazidis escaped in August from Iraq and with people fled from Kobane. Shortly after the liberation of Kobane, I decided to enter inside the destroyed city. As a result I developed the idea of a long-term visual project about the difficult life of Kurds and their brother in language, the Yazidis. In Iraq Kurds are living under the regime of the Islamic Republic and people have been living marginalized in border areas almost forgotten by the international medias, despite they are a representative image of what has been the “Kurdish issue” in last century.