The Shortlist of Projects submitted to the May 2017 Call of the Biennial Grant has been selected.

Respective images and statements will be posted shortly.

The Shortlist is composed by the following 30 projects:

ALINA FEDORENKO, Project 'Homes'

AMY SIQVELAND, Project 'Silk Road Route'

ANDREA STAR REESE, Project 'Disorder'

ANDRES WERTHEIM, Project 'The Museum's Ghosts'

ANTONIO JACOB MARTINEZ, Project 'How to Hug and Other Sublimations of Men'

BARBARA PROUD, Project 'First Comes Love: Portraits of Enduring LGBTQ Relationships'

BEVERLY CONLEY, Project 'Life in the Ozarks: An Arkansas Portrait'

CARLOS ESGUERRA, Project 'Santiago Calatrava'

CARMEN SAYAGO, Project 'The Birds of Pollution'

CHRISTOPH JORDA, Project 'Europe or Death, Plastic bag full of hope'

CONNIE FRISBEE HOUDE, Project 'Ghostly Transformation of A Generation'

ELIZABETH HOLMES, Project 'Ghost Towns of the American West'

FRANCISCO DIAZ & DEB YOUNG, Project 'The Playground Series'

GIACOMO SINI, 'Project The forgotten people of Kurdistan'

GINGER SISCO CVOOK, Project 'A Woman's Eye on Landscape of The Llano Estacado'

HANNAH KOZAK, Project 'Survivor'

HIROQUI OKAHASHI, Project 'Before and after Photography'

JANO COHEN, Project 'The Soul of Boxing'

JENNIFER LITTLE, Project '100 Years of Dust: Owens Lake and the Los Angeles Aqueduct'

KIP HARRIS, Project 'At Work'

KRISTA SVALBONAS, Project 'Temporal Displacement'

KRISTIN ANDERSON, Project 'Uninvited Guest'

MARIUZ SMIEJEK, Project 'The Bonfires of Belfast'

MILES BOONE, Project 'Common Ground'

NICOLA MUIRHEAD, Project 'In Brutal Presence'

PAUL WEINER, Project 'Artists Portraits'

PROBAL RASHID, Project 'The Rohingyas, a People without a Home'

REBECCA CONWAY, Project 'Valley of the Shadow'

SALLY THOMSON, Project 'Grace & Grit, The Untold Stories of Women Ranchers in the American Southwest'

TERI HAVENS, Project 'Outliers'