The Open Photo Project

Erika June Kapin is a photographer who loves to share the stories of people, their

relationships with the world, and their relationships with each other. Born in

Seattle, Washington, Erika moved to NYC in 2005 where she received her BFA from

the New School in 2010. Erika has studied and worked as a teaching assistant at

International Center of Photography. Currently living in New York City, Erika

continues to work on her personal projects.

The Open Photo Project offers an intimate look into the lives of consensually nonmonogamous

people. This project strives feature a community of people with a

wide range of body diversity, age diversity and racial diversity. By showing their

private moments, domestic details and daily life, it offers a look at the uniqueness of

human relationships. It is an invitation to re-examine preconceived notions of

successful, sustainable, and healthy romantic love.

By presenting a combination of photography, audio interviews and text, The Open

Photo Project seeks to de-stigmatize consensually non-monogamous relationships

by cultivating understanding and respect. It seeks to uphold the radical notion that

to love and be loved is a human right and should be available to all.

The funding from the Biennial Grant will allow for travel to several locations around

the United States, for one week at a time, to photograph and interview a diverse

variety of individuals from different life situations. Additionally, funds will be used

to pay for transcriptions of these interviews into text to be used for future inclusion

in a book. Lastly, at the end of the cycle, the funds will be used to produce an event

showcasing the work created during this time with funding from the Biennial Grant.