isabela pacini, runner up of the september edition

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Isabela Pacini was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and graduated in Photo Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Dormunt, Germany. Since 2005 she's living and working in Hamburg as a freelancer photographer, being a member of the Image Agency VISUM.

Project Statement, The Hosts

2018 Russia will welcome the whole world as a guest because of the football World Cup. The idea is to portray Russian people as the hosts. This Photo Project is also here to introduce people at different World Cup venues, from different backgrounds and professions who welcome the whole world at home during the football World Cup - from Moscow to Sochi. All together, they convey a picture of Russia and give an insight into the Russian soul. Since the invasion of Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, Russia has been criticised. Russia's approach to Syria is also controversial. The relationship between Russia and the West has reached a low point. This gives the project a further level: it can also be understood as a contribution to international understanding, which counteracts the dispossession of nations. This work is about people, their identity, their environment, their culture, their society. At the same time it is an argument between the everyday life of the people and the bombastic world spectacle, which often offers a stark contrast to the reality. I was inspired by the slogan of the World Cup World Cup in Germany 2006: "The World to Friends“