christoph jorda, finalist of the may 2017 edition

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Christoph Jorda was born and raised in the beautiful bavarian alps where he still lives with his family. After finishing school, apprenticeship to become a Hotelmanager, Shopfounder, Worldtravels and the community service - he found his true passion in photography.

After 5 years of assisting different photographers he started to realize his own photographic visions and projects. Since than he travels the world and works for the leading agencies, magazines and brands. He had won the 2013 European Newspaper Award for best reportage,  the 2016 PR Photo Award best Portrait „Zukunft in Trümmer“,  and the 2016 Memorial Maria Luisa Award Best Alpinism and Wintersport Photo.

Project Statement, Europe or Death - a plastic bag full of hope.

For the past years Christoph Jorda has focused his photojournalistic work on the refugee theme, giving those "numbers“ a face, a story and a name; making them human and giving them back their dignity. For this long term Project he's travelled to Morocco and Melilla to photograph the illegal hides on the mountain Gourougou where human beings suffer hunger, thirst and brutal violence - and all this 800m away from Europe.

Apart from that, he has walked the balkan-route with the refugees and visited a refugee camp in the Lebanon close to the Syrian boarder.

The goal of this photographic work is to show the tragic being a refugee - what it means leaving your home and family, being expulsed, loosing everything, not knowing what the next day will bring.