alina fedorenko, runner up of the may 2017 edition

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Alina was born in the Lviv, Ukraine, and grew up in Berlin. After studying Fashion Design in London to focus lately in photography. Her work is the result of the experience of her. in Irina's words: 'Each one of those places and people has contributed to define me as an artist and person. These experiences changed my hole view of life, it influenced my photography fromthe very beginning. India inspired my work from the first moment and still shapes my work supplementary. My   photography is very bright and rich of colors, it is mostly about the people who has less in life. Most of my work concentrate on daily moments, situations which life creates. Usually I try not to interfered with my presence in the moments I come along, I try to keep them real as much as possible avoiding to stage my work.

Project Statement, Homes.

Can you imagine you were born in Asia? Or Africa? Or maybe in India? But how exactly look such a life? How would you home look like? The home is he most intimate place of a person and here exactly is my focus  on.

I invented my long time project in China while i was photographing people in their daily moments and routines. Ifocused on people in their homes which were at the same time    their working spaces. I was so fascinated by the way of living, i continue through my further travels to portraiture people inside their homes. A home is the soul of its owner and the most intimate place of a person, to photograph these people brings me closer to their way of life and creates a personal moment of this person surroundedbytheir belongings. 

I´m working on this project since 2016 constantly, and try to get closer to a wide range of homes around the would on different continets, to finance this project on my own means a long time to persevere to gain mygoal.

In my collection are already included Ukraine, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India and Egypt, in september I will visit Iceland and Hawaii and hope to include this destinations to my project.

There are still counties missing in my project like South America, such as Brasilia, especially the homes in the Favelas, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. In Africa, I would like to show homes in Namibia,  Ethopia,  and Senegal.

This is my story and project. Find and share beautiful simple moments from people in their homes around the world    .