Visiting Mom

By 2011 my mom could no longer live in her apartment by herself. She was in her late

80’s and needed attention for everyday living. My dad was a veteran of WWII, which

allowed my mom to apply for residency at the Homelake Veterans Center in Monte Vista,

Colorado. In my mom’s Golden Years, she is now resettled and has created a new life

with new friends at the Homelake Veterans Center. My photo series is a collage of my

mom’s life, her friends, the Veterans Center environment and of rural America.

One of the photographic concepts that unexpectedly emerged while being in Colorado

were the views that I encountered while driving a car.

Unlike a metropolitan lifestyle, people and cars are merged together.

It is vastly different than walking the streets of NYC or being in a subway.

Several of my photographs have incorporated the car door. The car door becomes a

sculptural element framing life of the “outside”. If I was to be funded, I would continue to

explore these visions seen through the car window.

The visual vocabulary we see through the car windows varies with each geographical


I would focus on photographing locations on the East coast with its’ cities and suburbs,

offering a volume of visual content.

The car window photographs would be under a project titled: Auto America.

Salem Krieger