Giverny, Monet's ultimate paradise.

Installation of video, paintings, photography, sound . Ongoing project. I am an Italian-born artist living and working primarily in Milan. After studying painting at The Academy of Fine Arts Brera, in Milan, I divided my time between teaching and creating. My favorite topics are poetry, dreams and the beauty in people and nature and in the last few years I have developed a focus on respect for human rights and the environment.

The "Giverny, Monet's ultimate paradise" is a project dedicated to the garden of Giverny, especially to the pond and its water lilies, a masterpiece of the genius Claude Monet.

The project is conceived as work created with many different artistic languages.

Splendid, ephemeral, radiant color ... the water lilies of Giverny's garden will be just a memory in the near future? Will they be cathedrals in a desert of trash and degradation?

We can’t ignore the impending danger posed by land exploitation, pollution and global warming. The destruction of already fragile ecosystems is a given fact. Is it possible to pretend not to see or understand?

Art is able to change our perception of the world and our perspective on it. This is why I believe it’s an artist’s duty to present projects and works which can raise public awareness.

About the project

Already produced but not printed : 6 panels with photographs, paintings and quotes from the French artist. The photography have been designed to be retouched by hand .

12 Paintings ( Installation) : 55x55 cm each painting, made with chalk, copper, glue and linen on wood

Video and audio will completely envelop the viewer.

I will spend the amount of the grant to study in Giverny: shooting new photographs, and collecting materials to complete the project ( shooting video and recording audio to create videos. They will be part of the installation)