The panAFRICAproject mission is multifold: to create a photographic portrait true to the multi-faceted identity of

Africa, as one continent and also as 54 individual countries; to provide an on-going and up-to-date visual “scrapbook”

of Africa at the beginning of the 21st century, celebrating its progress, development, human potential and enormous

contributions to the world; to fill the desperate need for comprehensive imagery that will communicate the complexity

of Africa to economic, political, academic and cultural institutions; to deconstruct the stereotypes created by slanted

western media by conducting an in-depth investigation of the African experience; to publish and distribute research

materials, education curriculums, and retail sustainable products from the accumulated collection of photographs; to

make photography a major fulcrum of dialogue and communication for all African points of view.

We have to stretch money for the project a long way. We are planning another extended trip to a couple of countries:

Zambia, Congo & Mali are on the horizon within the next couple of months. We are publishing the first of several

volumes of books that catalogue modern, contemporary Africa. We are developing a curriculum to be used in

classrooms to supplant the cartoonish way Africa is currently taught. And we are trying to incorporate many more

photographers & their visions into the project.

We have been limping along with our current URL. So we have earmarked the grant from Biennial Grant for

designing & implementation of a more interactive website that can be used for research & information by academics

& institutions developing in Africa. Each country will be better represented & more global subjects: water, women's

issues, indigenous people, health care, etc. will become trending topics.