This project is about freckles.

I've been fascinated with freckles since childhood. Only in the

summer I had a few small freckles around the nose but I would

have liked to have so much more freckles. I therefore took every

opportunity to draw them on my face.

In 2012 I shoot a portrait of a girl with a lot of freckles and became

again so fascinated and for that reason I started my large freckle


The question for me was what it is that makes me so fascinated

about freckles.

Probably my slight autistic impact. In my head I'm a chaot. To

create rest in my head I would like to organize everything in my

environment. Unfortunately freckles can’t be ordered. This makes

freckle faces extremely fascinating for me to look at.

In the spring of 2017 I started to shoot the first portrait for my

freckle project. It’s a project with at least150 freckled faces that I

will finish for the end of September 2018.

The portraits are all straight from the front with less of emotion.

The reason is to give full attention to the freckles. The portraits are

b/w with a slight sepia, the last is a reference to my youth.

In all the portraits, you can see my silhouette in the pupils of their

eyes. So I become part of every portrait and all these freckles

become a part of myself.

Between the 40 and 50 portraits will be selected and bundled in a

book. The same portraits will be used for exhibitions, starting end

of spring early summer 2019.

If I’m one of the winners of this edition of the Biennal Grand, I will

use the money for making the book. Meantime I work very hard on

it in close cooperation with Sybren Kuiper a international designer

and Wytze Fopma a high standard bookbinder for special book

projects. This book will not be a standard photo art book it must

be an extraordinary and high-end book in its shape and

appearance. That’s where I’m working on.

That’s why every single dollar is more than welcome.