Captions, in order top-down, left-right: 1 •  The 31 year old Karina Marlene was gunned down with 6 shots from a taxi in zone 10 of Guatemala city. 2 • A "Sicario" is pointing Luis Esteban  in the neck asking for his money back Guatemala City. 3 • Cries in the neighbourhood of San Pedro Sula ( Honduras) sauce for a shot in the Street. 4 • Prisoner presentation of the gang 18 Roberto Arturo Adonay Antonio within the Bartolina of police delegation Usulutan ( El Salvador). 5 • Juvenile detention Saul and Walter David Martinez Quilez marijuana in district 1 of Tegucigalpa ( Honduras) for possession of marijuana. In the image detainees are beaten by police. 6 • Young gang members of the Mara 18 in the Barrio de Cerrito Lindo ( San Pedro Sula, Honduras) "Virus" Leader of the Mara 18. 7 • The illustrator known gang member Sandboy tattooing in the colony Cerrito Lindo ( San Pedro Sula, Honduras). 8 • Police Intervention in Colonia San Francisco to make the arrests of some members of the Gang of Alegria, known criminals of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. 9 • Herman Omar Benegas Palma, MS mara member is in interior shot in your car on the road the miracle in Villanueva, San Pedro Sula , your vehicle is 40 shots. 10 • Colonia Brisas del Sauce within the Rivera Hernandez ( San pedro Sula, Honduras) and border of the Los Vatos Locos Gang. 11 • San Francisco Gotera prison gang members under the I change the Government of San Salvador program to keep the most violent gang members occupied and without conflict. 12 • Raul Rivas, Thief tied in a central street of San Pedro Sula is subsequently died of drug intoxication. Honduras, Agosto 2014. 13 • Office of the Forensic Doctor israel Antonio Ticas also known as the lawyer for the dead and one of the eminences in criminalism of El Salvador. 14 • Requisition in bartolinas of the Police Post of the Union ( El Salvador). Prisoners are led to the corridors and their hands tied to their control while police unit performs the registration of its dependencies. 15 • Balacera to a car in the Medina neighborhood where they have passed away Their driver Miguel angel Alemán and Pedro Jesus Rosales, both of the Band of the Avocados of the sector Lomas in San Pedro Sula. 16 • Victor Alvarado entering the Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital in San Pedro Sula to be attended by a knife attack in the neighborhood of Quimistan for assault and robbery. 17 • Drawing in the Heroes Boulevard next to the Metrocentro in homage to a girl raped and abused by a pedophile priest in San Salvador. 18 • S.F betrayed his fellows by helping the police apparently after receiving a brutal beating ( Guatemala City). 19 • Funeral of the sisters Daysi and Maria Luna, from the community Sergio Torres del Canton the Dam in the North Municipal cemetery of the city of Usulutan in El Salvador and buried the day of the Holy Innocents. 20 • Cells of the first police station. Prisoners for theft and unidentified drug trafficking ( San Pedro Sula).

JAVIER ARCENILLAS. Bilbao 1973. Freelance photographer, develops integrated trials humanitarian societies that limit all reason and right. Psychologist by the Complutense University and coordinator of the documentary school area PICA. He has won several international prizes, including The Arts Press Award, Kodak Young Photographer, European Social Fund Grant, Euro Press of Fujifilm, FotoPress, UNICEF, Sony World Photography of the Year , POYI, POYILatam, Fotoevidence, Eugene Smith Grant 2013, Getty Images Grant, PDN, World Press Photo 2018…. In 2013 entered the dictionary of Spanish photographers. It has 4 books published, "City Hope" on the satellite cities that populate the landfills of Latin America, "Welcome" that tells the story of the Rohingya refugees of Myanmar in the Kutupalong camp and Sicarios on the hitmen in Central America, and UFOPRESENCES in 2018. In the year 2016 La Fabrica publishes a Photobolsillo within the Photographers Spanish collection. His most complete news articles outside Spain can be read in Time, CNN, IL Magazine, Leica Magazine, Der Spiegel, Stern, GEO, El Mundo, VICE News, TRIP, El Mundo, El País Semanal, Planeta Futuro, and El periódico de Guatemala.

Latidoamerica project

Note: Latidoamerica is a play of words with Latino and Latido, meaning beat.

My essay aims to document the axis of uncontrolled violence in Latin America and as social and political factors are feeding more and more aggressively such violence. Sociological essay of Violence, the most violent zone in the world in its most dramatic and miserable. The impotence of pain and hell asocial victims of murderers in a daily scenery of war where violence is always the news of the day in his red note. Latidoamérica aims to document the heart of that injustice in Mexico and Central America I have worked in the field for more than 10 years documenting the transformation of their society and struggling to introduce a journalistic nonsense of disastrous policies to understand violence. I would like to continue working on new themes for reflection together with the red notes and more detailed profiles that could be a gender violence or intolerance towards more disadvantaged groups. Considered one of the most violent places on earth. Every day, in cities such as San Salvador, Guatemala or Tegucigalpa, murders, robberies and violence are increasingly present. The ineffective policy of the area is unstable, drug trafficking to the US. It is uncontrollable and the unsafe neighbourhoods of Maras or border control with the Zetas are the closest thing to a daily war. In these places, the use of young people and children to train as Sicarios is a regular job. They are attracted by the ease of earning money that gives them respect and fear. In the training process, the young assassins of the most consumed strata of society become true heralds of death.