This is a series of street photographs carefully extracted from a larger more

general body of street photographs. My approach to photography is

instinctive, essentially I take “my photographs” that do not initially adhere to

an obvious purpose or theme. I feel the streets - like the flâneur - and where

they might lead me.

Inevitably the chosen photographs reveal much, their editing almost another

walk, but more considered. The photographs here are my ‘side’ street, my

alternative view. They are bound by some small twist or surprise. Graphics

and shapes play a part but the delight for me is letting the photographs take

over, they ask questions. Ultimately they offer up their own narrative, they’re

characters and situations in search of an author.

For the record most of the photographs are from London, one is from Derby,

one from Kraków. The locations are largely unimportant.


I would use the money to do more wandering with my camera, prefarably to a

city that I’ve not visited before.