The Nude at Home

In this series, I use traditional 8 x 10 black-and-white film in a homemade

oatmeal-box pinhole camera to create wide-angle distortions with the

cylindrical focal plane. There is a sense of discovery and joy in this

process, as the resulting images are unpredictable and surprising. The

familiar becomes unfamiliar, the ordinary extraordinary. By then replacing

the black-and-white values with subtle hues through successive pulling of

curves in Photoshop, I interact with and interpret the image. The “Nude at

Home” is a subset of a larger pinhole-camera project begun in 1998. In this

series, I photograph the model nude in her own home, apartment, or studio,

surrounded by her possessions for two-minute exposures. A collaboration

between model and photographer, the images attempt to reveal an intimate

portrait of the subject.