Ann Iren Jamtøy (1976) is passionate about art and photography, based in

Norway. She has a PhD in Political Science, and for several years she has also

educated herself in photography. She has since childhood been interested in

photography, and she uses photography as a way to explore identity, memories

and heritage. She lives with her husband and three children in the countryside

in Norway. Having a busy familylife, photography is very important to her to

explore belongingness and explore life.

Project: Never on a sunday

Never on a sunday is a project about handcraft and memory, to understand the

meaning of relations and belongingness, and to understand identity in our


To create something with youre own hands have been important for centuries.

Years ago, handcraft was part of the womans work in the home and the skilled

use of ones hands was an important part of life. This was a time when

knowledge and wisdom was laying in the hands, and you worked and

understood the world through youre hands. Today, creating something with

youre own hands, is not an essential and necessary part of life.

In this project I want to show the connection the individuals have with nature,

family and heritage, through handcraft and exploring memories.The memories

is part of the story about who we are. To memorize is something we do in the

present and almost every memory involves other persons. The memorizing act

is a way to make connections with others, we reestablish the connection to the

people we care about.

Receiving a grant will give me the possibility to complete the art project; Never

on a Sunday, and give me the possibilty to connect with international curaters

and contacts in the field of art, helping me to exhibitit my work internationally.